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The Bharath Social and Research Foundation runs many campaigns on pertinent social issues to generate awareness, and garner funds in an effort to overcome health care issues, Education infrastructure, Employability enhancement among youth, Creating livelihoods opportunities, Environmental sustainability, Conservation and natural resource management, Behavioural change for use of sanitation, Swachh Bharat Mission, Promoting gender equality, Rural Development and Infrastructure, Better living conditions and improvement in terms of access, Quality of life in rural area, and Special Categories (Old Age, Specially-Abled etc.) to uplift the people who are in underprivileged in the society.


The campaigns are a platform for people to understand TBSRF’s vision and mission, to build involvement among all stakeholders, and to highlight the importance of certain days. Through our campaigns, we reach out to a large number of people and raise awareness about the problems faced by underprivileged citizens.

Skill Development


Swachh Bharat

Health Service

Rural Infrastructure


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